Canine Hanna Somatics® (CHS)


with Eleanor Criswell Hanna Ed.D,

assisted by Alissa Mayer EHSE-C.

May 4, 2024 1-3pm PST via Zoom

Help your DOG feel younger, relax tight muscles & perform better, with Canine Hanna Somatics - all while increasing your BOND and CONNECTION with your furry friend.

The 2-hour workshop will begin with an introduction to the principles of Canine Hanna Somatics; then we will guide you and your dog through the CHS procedures.

You and your dog will need a comfortable, quiet place to work together.

For large dogs, we usually work on the floor or a wide massage table if sitting on the floor for prolonged periods will be difficult for you. Small dogs can sit or stand on a table in front of you, or even on your lap while we do CHS, if your dog is unable to relax up on a table.

Canine Hanna Somatics (CHS) is an adaptation of Equine Hanna Somatics® (EHS), and works with a dogs natural tendency to PANDICULATE.

When you do CHS with your dog, you are working directly WITH the dogs brain, instead of working ON the body... so even though it looks a lot like it, CHS isn't actually bodywork, but is an educational and experiential process that we facilitate for the dog.

Here's what it looks like when dogs PANDICULATE:

Most people think these are just cute stretches - but pandiculation is actually a powerful natural reflex that helps dogs (and horses and people) dial down their chronic muscle tension so they can access their full range-of-motion again and enjoy activities with less pain and more joy!

This WORKSHOP will help your DOG:

  • Move with Less Pain, immediately

  • Have improved Nervous System Function

  • Connect more strongly to YOU

  • Grow Body Awareness

  • Relax all major muscle groups

  • Improve Range-of-Motion

  • Prevent Injuries

  • Be more Balanced and Confident

  • Feel Younger, Calmer, more Relaxed & Happier

  • Self-Regulate

  • Get amazing results that don't wear off!

Learn how to use Voluntary Pandiculation exercises to help your dog feel younger.

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Canine Hanna Somatics® is not bodywork, is not a diagnostic or treatment tool, nor is anything we teach in this course meant to take the place of professional veterinary advice. If you are unsure whether CHS (or any new exercise) is appropriate for your dog, we recommend you consult your vet.

The terms bodywork and bodyworker are used in various places on this website because they are commonly understood labels for hands-on work that helps dogs feel or perform better. CHS is actually a slow and subtle form of training, not a manual or passive therapy that is applied to an animal.. In Canine Hanna Somatics, we rarely do anything TO a dog, but instead are focused on inviting the dog to participate WITH us to actually move their own bodies during the sessions.

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