Find a Certified EHS Educator


Eleanor Criswell Hanna - Novato, California, USA

Director of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training

(415) 897-0336

Alissa Mayer - Oregon & California, USA

Co-Instructor of the EHS Professional Training Program

(310) 963-0916

Gloria Hester - Tucson, AZ, USA

(256) 506-7074 

Lili Wren - SF Bay Area, CA, USA 

(415) 254-8604

Elise & Thomas McMasters - Central Coast, CA, USA

(805) 674-2202

Kathy Sparling - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 291-4246

Makenzie Cummings -Vista, CA & Sebastopol, CA, USA

(760) 458-0691

Barbara Hadley - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 889-1611

Kathy Kerber - Holland, MI, USA

Mikki Fallow - Pembroke, GA, USA

(207) 479-6226

Denise Sousa - Santa Rosa, CA, USA



Phyllis Victory - Vancouver, BC, Canada



Dr. Veronica Sinz - Tierärztliche Praxis Lichtenmoor


This professional directory can help you locate a Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator - everyone listed on this page has completed the 3-module EHS Professional Training and Certification Program at The Novato Institute, conducted by Eleanor Criswell Hanna.

Graduates who are also current members of the Association for EHS Education are listed in bold and have a link to a detailed Bio page. All certified members have agreed to adhere to the Equine Hanna Somatics Education Code of Ethics.

Certification Program