Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educators


Eleanor Criswell Hanna Ed.D - Novato, California, USA

Director of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training

(415) 897-0336 info@somaticsed.com

Alissa Mayer EHSE-C - Oregon & California, USA

Co-Instructor of the EHS Professional Training Program

(310) 963-0916 alissa@equinehannasomatics.org

Lili Wren - SF Bay Area, CA, USA 

(415) 254-8604 liliwren@att.net

Elise & Thomas McMasters - Central Coast, CA, USA

(805) 674-2202 elise.mcmasters@gmail.com

Kathy Sparling - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 291-4246 sparkle1@pacbell.net

Makenzie Cummings -Vista, CA & Sebastopol, CA, USA

(760) 458-0691  makshorses@cox.net

Barbara Hadley - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 889-1611 Barbara_hadley@att.net

Kathy Kerber - Holland, MI, USA


Mikki Fallow - Pembroke, GA, USA

(207) 479-6226 mikki.fallow@gmail.com

Denise Sousa - Santa Rosa, CA, USA

(707) 953-8106 dasousa@yahoo.com

Gloria Hester - Tucson, AZ, USA

(256) 506-7074 gloriahester@gmail.com 


Michelle Wilson - Calgary, Alberta CANADA

403-827-3361 mmwilson09@gmail.com

Phyllis Victory - Vancouver, BC, Canada

250-335-0197 phyllis.victory@gmail.com  


Dr. Veronica Sinz - Tierärztliche Praxis Lichtenmoor

O15115533847 info@gestuet-lichtenmoor.de

Certification Levels

This professional directory can help you locate a Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator - everyone listed on this page has completed the 3-module EHS Professional Training and Certification Program at The Novato Institute, conducted by Eleanor Criswell Hanna.

Graduates who are also current members of the AEHSE are listed in bold and have a link to a detailed Bio page. All certified and student members have agreed to adhere to the Equine Hanna Somatics Education Code of Ethics.

Titles and Acronyms:

Equine Hanna Somatics Educator or EHSE - Students of EHS (not listed here) may use this title, and may practice with clients at their discretion and to their level of education/knowledge.

Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator or Certified EHSE - Graduates of the EHS Professional Training Program at the NI.

EHSE-C - Co-Instructor of the EHS Professional Training Program

*Currently, The Novato Institute has not Licensed any Teachers of EHS to hold additional professional training courses or offer certification as Equine Hanna Somatics Educators.

EHS Code of Ethics

This code of ethics provides governance for three main domains of concern:

First, it specifies professional standards which allow for the proper discharge of Equine Hanna Somatics Educators' responsibilities to the clients they are serving; secondly, it protects the integrity of Equine Hanna Somatics® Education (EHS) and the professionally certified EHS Education Practitioners; and thirdly, it safeguards the interests and persons of the clients under the care of Equine Hanna Somatics® Education practitioners.

As a certified or student member of this Association, a Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Practitioner, Licensed Teacher of EHS, or as an Equine Practitioner-in-Training practicing under the limitations imposed upon pre-certified students of EHS, I agree that I will:

• Hold a sincere commitment to providing the highest quality of care to all equines and persons who seek out my professional services.

• Represent my professional qualifications accurately, including education and professional affiliations, and provide only those services which I am qualified to perform by training and experience.

• Inform the general public, clients, and other health care practitioners accurately about the scope and limitations of EHS practices.

• Acknowledge the limitations of and contraindications to the application of EHS practices, and refer clients to appropriate health professionals as needed.

• Provide EHS care only when there is a reasonable expectation that the care will be advantageous to the client.

• Maintain and improve my professional certification, knowledge, and skills through ongoing assessment of my professional strengths and weaknesses, and through continued education and training.

• Observe honesty and integrity in conducting my business and professional activities, and refuse to unjustly discriminate against clients or other ethical health professionals.

• Safeguard the confidentiality of all client information unless disclosure is authorized by the client, required by law or court order, or absolutely necessary for the protection of the public at large.

• Respect the client's right to receive care with informed and voluntary consent. The consent may be either written or verbal and will be obtained before providing any EHS care.

• Honor the client's right to refuse, request modification of, or terminate care regardless of prior consent given.

• Ensure the safety, comfort, and privacy of all clients in my provision of care.

• Exercise my right to refuse to work with an equine/person or part of the body for reasonable cause.

• Refrain, under any circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a client, even if the client attempts to sexualize the relationship.

• Avoid any influences, activities or interests which might conflict with my obligation to always act in the best interests of my clients or profession.

• Follow all policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, and requirements put forth by EHS and by any governmental regulatory agencies.

• Practice courteous professional relationships with EHS and allied professional colleagues.

*By joining the AEHSE, all members agree to abide by the EHS Code of Ethics. Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics may result in termination of membership and the forfeiture of any membership fees previously paid.