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Eleanor Criswell Hanna - Novato, California, USA

Director of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training

(415) 897-0336

Alissa Mayer - Oregon & California, USA

Co-Instructor of the EHS Professional Training Program

(310) 963-0916

Gloria Hester - Tucson, AZ, USA

(256) 506-7074 

Lili Wren - SF Bay Area, CA, USA 

(415) 254-8604

Elise & Thomas McMasters - Central Coast, CA, USA

(805) 674-2202

Kathy Sparling - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 291-4246

Makenzie Cummings -Vista, CA & Sebastopol, CA, USA

(760) 458-0691

Barbara Hadley - Sebastopol, CA, USA

(707) 889-1611

USA - Sebastopol, CA

Kathy Kerber - Holland, MI, USA

Mikki Fallow - Pembroke, GA, USA

(207) 479-6226


Phyllis Victory - Vancouver, BC, Canada



Dr. Veronica Sinz - Tierärztliche Praxis Lichtenmoor


This professional directory can help you locate a Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator - everyone listed on this page has completed the 3-year certification course at The Novato Institute, conducted by Eleanor Criswell Hanna.

Graduates who are also current members of the Association for EHS Education are listed in bold and have a link to a detailed Bio page. All certified members have agreed to adhere to the Equine Hanna Somatic Education Code of Ethics.

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