"Dramatic results. Simply amazing..."

Your Instructors

Eleanor Criswell Hanna - Ed.D, Original Equine Hanna Somatics Educator

Eleanor is the co-founder and Director of the Novato Institute for Somatics Research and Training, co-creator of Hanna Somatics and creator of Equine Hanna Somatics and Canine Hanna Somatics.

Alissa Mayer - BS, Certified EHSE

Alissa is a certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educator, Co-Instructor of the Equine Hanna Somatics Professional Training Program, International Clinician and Creator of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™.

EHS Professional Training Program

All of our Certified Equine Hanna Somatics Educators have attended and completed the 3 Module Professional Training Program at The Novato Institute. This training, led by Eleanor Criswell and co-taught by Alissa Mayer, is the only way to become a Certified EHSE.


"Real science, real results...an elegant solution..."


This is an elegant solution to many "training" and "behavioral" problems. Although it may look like other techniques it is at it's core very different.

I have studied other modalities, and have worked with horses for over 40 years. IMO this method gets to the real problem and allows the individuals system to re-balance. How beautiful is that?! No force. It is also physically easy enough for me to help my horse, since I have had many injuries, aches and pains over the years... now I do Hanna Somatic movement too!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and passion to help horses all over the world.

Dizzy - horse owner - Aiken, SC

"...profoundly affect my horse’s ability to accept connection..."


As a rider who can compare how my horse feels both before and after EHS work, what I find is that the sessions do seem to profoundly affect my horse’s ability to accept connection through his or her body as well as to access areas of tension that exercises under saddle have failed to alleviate.

The study and practice of EHS allows the body and mind to build awareness and explore range of motion in all four legs, the spine and in the major muscle groups of the hindquarters, back, shoulders, neck, poll and jaw.

Learning EHS has also increased my awareness of where the horse’s body may not be cooperating or available and given me tools to help my horse access those parts.

Sarah Martin - USDF gold medalist and Certified Instructor through Fourth Level and USDF instructor/trainer faculty member.

"...a mind-blowing healing modality that really works..."


This is a mind-blowing healing modality that really works for horses (and humans). Although no single modality can reverse all flaws and problems, every horse can benefit from optimal use of their muscles and release of habitual tensions that cause postural modification (usually misdiagnosed as conformation flaws).

We would have sold a horse whose subtle, but cumulative issues caused his behavior to be too difficult for a beginning rider. Because of Equine Hanna Somatics, we have the horse we paid for — and don't have to say goodbye to our family member.

Gwen & Jim - Lost Creek Llamas & Norwegian Fjords - Oregon

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